Heal Thy Self with 

Dr. G

host of the

heal thy self podcast

Health looks different on everyone, but true health comes from a healthy mind and spirit, as well as a healthy body. Everything is connected, and Heal Thy Self looks at the multitude of factors that contribute to health while giving you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Each episode features a wealth of information provided by Dr. G and a special guest segment to dive deeper into specific topics. Listen to the show’s most popular episodes below.




Knowledge in the palm of your hand. Ebooks contain helpful information presented on the podcast in written form. Don’t remember which protein powders Dr. G recommends? We have an ebook for that. Can’t quite recall what Dr. G’s recommended sunscreens are for the summer? There’s an ebook for that too. With the information needed to make informed decisions at the tip of your finger, your journey to healing just got a whole lot simpler.



 Heal Thy Self.

Heal Each Other.

Heal The World.

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